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ATLANTA, GA – August 4, 2022 – The new Brentwood Dollhouse Kit is a mini dream come true for miniaturist and influencer, Kristine Hanna of Paper Doll Miniatures.  Kristine teamed up with to create the new dollhouse inspired by transitional homes in the southern states of the USA.  “I was particularly drawn to the neighborhoods within Brentwood, Tennessee with their all-brick exteriors and multi-pane windows,” said Hanna.  “It’s a classic design and a sizeable dollhouse property, ready for a mini family to move in!” 

After years of kit bashing and dreaming of her perfect dollhouse, making the Brentwood dollhouse kit has been the highlight of her miniature journey so far.  Hanna has been a customer of for years and seeing the Brentwood Dollhouse in their catalog has been surreal. “I knew from the first design meeting with them that this partnership was going to be special.  They understood my vision for the dollhouse and were enthusiastic about creating something both my readers and their customers would love,” said Hanna.  “They took my drawings and prototype from my miniature studio and transformed it with a mass-market approach where interested customers around the world can order the dollhouse kit and put it together themselves.” 

The transitional house style means it blends both a mix of traditional and modern elements.  For example, the windows are extra-large, but they also are broken up into traditional panes.  There are also several arches included in the design, from the interior entryways to the exterior portico. 

According to Matt Campbell, product designer at, unique features include 9+ possible room combinations, 10” ceilings, full-size attic rooms with 9” ceilings, easy access to all the rooms, includes an access panel to allow getting into the deepest space, extra-large custom windows for lots of natural light, custom modern staircase with contemporary railings, and custom doors, including a double front door with six pane windows, and two panel interior doors as well as an optional full size walk-in closet or laundry room

Hanna began the design process by creating a digital 3D model and then cutting a prototype out of foam core.  This was her very first complete from scratch kit design.  The dollhouse kit is 3/8 MDF which is very strong and sturdy.  One of the things the team at and Hanna focused on was providing the best customer experience during assembly.  The walls and floors feature guides to easily line up your walls and floors making assembly much more intuitive.

“My favorite part of the kit is probably the custom-made doors for this house. The front door features a beautiful double door with six pane windows.  It’s such a grand statement at the front of the house and allows you to see into the dollhouse interior,” said Hanna.  “The interior doors feature a two-panel style which is common in transitional houses.  They will easily match modern or traditional decor. And finally, we also included a closet door.  There are so many possibilities here, it could be a clothing closet, a laundry closet, or a hidden room.”

The stairs are also customized to fit this house.  They feature contemporary railings that can be painted to look like iron or wood.  The lower stairs fit together like a puzzle and allow for a closed-in space or open space below the steps.  

The Brentwood kit layout offers a lot of flexibility without needing to kitbash.  The ability to easily divide the large room on the second floor is included so customers can have that extra bedroom or office.  And in the attic, the interior walls can easily be swapped to create a different layout with the closet in either room.  The attic was purposely designed with a dormer out the back so that the entirety of the room could be decorated and used.  With so many large size rooms, there is no shortage of space in the Brentwood dollhouse. 

Complete, the three-story dollhouse, including attic space, is 34.5” wide x 22” deep x 33.5” high.  With the front and side extensions, it increases to 35.875” wide x 24” deep.  The introductory limited run is 50 dollhouse kits, and customers will receive a special card signed by Hanna.  

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