3-D Christmas Card

by Fran Casselman

#18070 Welford Park Garden Bench
#51720 Ice Skates
#71617 Three Songbirds
#1195 Four Douglas Fir Trees
#999 Six Green Spruce Trees
Mirror for base*
White felt
White china marker (grease pencil)
Heavy thread, white
Basic craft supplies

*The mirror may be any size, glass or acrylic, framed or not. This is an inexpensive acrylic mirror, sold in the school supplies area of a discount store as a locker mirror (it has magnets on the back). It is about 7” x 9”. If you use an unframed glass mirror, neatly apply two layers of masking tape to the cut edges and paint the tape in your choice of seasonal color.

Plan the area that will be covered by felt “snow” and cut a pleasing wavy edge. Attach the felt with a few double-stick dots (do not use “wet” glue in visible areas when attaching felt; it will seep through). It can be a little loose.

Clean the remaining area with glass cleaner; let dry and write the greeting with the china marker. If you need to make corrections, use Q-tips and lighter fluid or any product for removing sticky labels to easily remove the marker. Clean and dry the glass before starting again.

Use the china marker to suggest snow on all the horizontal areas of the bench. Glue the bench in place with white glue, just enough to seep through the felt to the mirror surface.

To add laces to the skates, glue two strands of heavy white thread to each skate in the recessed area at the front of the boot. Leave the ends long and let dry completely. Knot the laces together with the skates uneven, and trim away the extra thread. Hang on the curl of the bench.

Trim away the trees’ trunks and position as desired. Glue in place if necessary, although they may stay well without glue. Add a bird with a little glue.

For unbreakable/acrylic mirror only: Add a scrap of wood or foam core underneath the scene at the back to give it a slight slope.

Enjoy your 3-D Christmas Card!

Note:Any number of other miniatures may be used in a similar setting, and china markers are available in many colors for more options.