Faux Candles for Lights

5-Arm Palace Chandelier Use a clear or white straw with a 1/4" diameter. (These are often handed out with large drinks from fast food restaurants.) Cut into 3/4" lengths and paint with the candle color of your choice. In the examples shown, FolkArt "Buttercup" was used to suggest beeswax. Apply the paint with a coarse brush so that when lit, the color will appear streaked like running wax.

#2009 5-Arm Palace Chandelier gains a lot of antique charm by adding faux candles.

The #2605 Single-Candle Wall Sconce look quite medieval with faux candles and a couple of coats of black paints. First, apply a flat black enamel model paint and let dry. Then, apply a second coat of flat black craft paint for a wrought iron look.

Single-Candle Wall Sconce