AC Alternating Current. A current that reverses directions in cycles; cannot be stored; turns on and off; standard wall outlets are AC current.
Amp Ampere. The unit of current strength; the current produced by an electromotive force of one volt acting through the resistance of one ohm.
Apex The tip, point, summit or climax of anything.
Baluster One of the small pillars forming the support for the rail of the balustrade.
Balustrade A row of small columns or balusters joined by a rail, serving as an enclosure for altars, balconies, staircases and terraces.
Baseboard A strip of board located at the base of a wall and covering the joint of the wall and the floor.
Battery Console Console type plastic box that holds two "C" batteries. Three receptacles on the back will hold three 3V lamps.
Bay Window The window of an alcove which extends beyond the exterior wall line of an edifice.
Bracket A projection from the face of a wall to support a statue, pier, etc.
Brickmaster Styrene plastic brick sheets and corners.
Butt To join by making a butt joint, without overlapping.
Butt Hinge Two equal rectangular pieces hinged side by side.
Candleflame Bulb Bulb for a light fixture resembling the flame of a candle.
Casement A window sash opening by swinging on hinges, which are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.
Caster A small metal wheel fixed to the leg of a piece of furniture to allow it to be moved easily.
Chandelier A branched support for a number of lights, often suspended from the ceiling.
Circuit The complete path of an electric current.
Circuit Breaker A safety device consisting of an automatic switching mechanism of interrupting a circuit, usually activated by the occurrence of abnormal current flow.
Clapboard A long thin board, thicker along one edge than along the other, used in covering the outer walls of buildings, with the thick edge of each board overlapping the thin edge of the board below it.
Components Parts to finish a dollhouse; such as, windows, doors, trim, etc.
Component Set The parts necessary to finish a particular dollhouse or project.
Corbel A piece of stone, wood or iron projecting from the vertical face of a wall to support a super incumbent object.
Cornice A horizontal molded projection which crowns or finishes a wall or building.
Current A movement or flow of electricity; the rate or measure of this flow, usually expressed in amperes.
DC Direct current. A current flowing in one direction on a circuit. Can be stored. Batteries and 12 volt transformers are direct current.
Dentil One of a series of small rectangular blocks protruding like a row of teeth, as under a cornice.
Die Cut Dollhouses cut with a die by machine on sheets of 1/8" plywood. The pieces must be punched out and sanded.
Diode A type of electron tube which has an anode and a cathode; reduces energy therefore dimming lights on a control panel.
Dormer Window A vertical window in a projection built out from a sloping roof; the whole projecting structure.
Double Hung Working windows; two window panes that go up and down.
Edifice A building.
Embellishment Adornment, ornament, decoration.
Facade The main front of a building.
Festoon Hanging curve between two points.
Fimo German modeling clay used in making flowers, figures, etc. Harden by baking in an oven.
Finial The ornamental termination of a pinnacle, canopy, gable and the like. A terminal ornament or cap, as on a piece of furniture.
Fishscale Shingle with round end.
Flush Even or level, as with a surface; aligned; abutting, as close together as possible. To make flush or even.
Fluted A furrow or groove as ornamentation on a column. Ruffled edge on glass globe on a light fixture.
Gingerbread Fancy, showy ornamentation.
Grommet An eyelet used to reinforce that which passes through the opening. Can be used to plug lights directly into tape wire or instead of brads on tape runs.
Hexagon Object having six sides or six angles.
H Hinge Hinge in the shape of an H.
HL Hinge Hinge in the shape of a combined H and L.
Junction Splice Connects power to dollhouse. Plastic square with embedded nails that is placed over the tape wire and, when pounded in, the nails make electrical contact between the tape wire and the male pins of the lead in wire. The locking screw holds it in place.
Lattice A framework or structure of wooden laths crossing one another at regular intervals leaving spaces between them.
Lead in Wire Two conductor wire to connect the transformer to the house. One end has a plug with male pins to plug into the junction splice and the other end attaches to the transformer.
Milliamp 1/1,000 of an amp.
Miter To construct or join by a miter joint.
Miter joint A joint in which the plane of the abutting surfaces bisects the angle formed by the pieces.
Miter box A narrow box or trough having on the sides vertical kerfs which are used to cut the angle pieces for a miter joint.
Mullion A vertical division between windows, screens or doors.
Muntin The grid over a window pain that defines the window lights.
Newel The top or bottom post of a handrail on a staircase.
Octagon Object having eight sides or eight angles.
Palladian Classical style with half circle pediment.
Parquet A flooring of mosaic work of wood, usually in geometric pattern.
Pediment The gable over the top of an architectural part or piece of furniture, triangular, arched or broken at the peak.
Pin Hinge A door or window hinged within a wooden frame with a pin at the top and bottom.
Plinth A flat square member, in the form of a slab, which serves as the foundation of a column; the square moulding at the base of any architectural part or trim.
Power Strip Plastic strip with 12 receptacles to plug lights into directly. Equipped with a 1.5 amp fuse, on and off switch and connecting transformer wire.
Receptacle A socket connected to a source of electricy which receives the plug of an appliance or light.
Roof Ridge The crest of the roof where two sides meet.
Scarf Joint To join pieces of wood by beveling or mitering so that they overlap and then securing them by gluing.
Shell The walls, floors, roof and base of a dollhouse with holes cut for windows and doors.
Shoe Molding Quarter round molding on lower edge of baseboard.
S Hook Metal ornamentation designed to secure shutters in an open position.
Shutter A hinged or sliding cover for a window.
Splice To join together.
Spreaders Sometimes called a stretchers, they are used in furniture building to stabilize the legs of chairs and tables.
Standard Wall Outlet 120 volts AC (alternating current)
Swag A festoon used as an ornamental molding, a hanging fold of material; a lamp hung from a chain fastened to the ceiling in several places.
Tape wire Copper tape in single or double runs creating a printed circuit style layout that can be used under wallpaper or painted.
Tiffany Lamp Lamp with shade made from several pieces of stained glass in a design.
Transformer An appliance in AC circuits for changing high voltage current to a lower voltage or low voltage current to a higher voltage.
Translucent Allowing light to pass through, but not so as to render the formor color of objects beyond distinctly visible.
Veranda A kind of open portico, usually having a roof, and attached to the outside of a building; a porch.
Voltage Electromotive force as expressed and measured in volts.
Window Box A box for growing plants at or in a window.
Window Seat A seat built beneath a recessed or other window.
Window Sill The sill beneath the window.
Window Shade A covering for a window usually made of sturdy treated paper or cloth attached to a spring roller.