Replacing a Bi-Pin Miniature Light Bulb

This is somewhat fiddly to do, but it is not difficult.

You need small sharp scissors, plus a well-lighted workspace and vision assistance if you use it.

Pull the non-working bulb straight out of the socket and discard it.

Gently separate the two wires coming from the new bulb (sometimes they stick together).

“Measure” the wires against the candle they will go into, and use the scissors to cut one wire about that length. Cut the other wire about 1/8” shorter.

Straighten the wires and make sure they are parallel.

Fit the longer wire into one hole. Use it as an anchor to position the other wire to the other hole. Seat the bulb in the socket. Check that it works.

If it does not seat fully, remove the bulb and trim the longest wire a tiny bit. It’s OK to trim the shorter one as well if needed. Maintain the different lengths.

It does not matter which wire goes into which hole.