Santa Boots Holiday Display

by Fran Casselman

#78119 Black Gardening Boots
#74034 Multi-Grip or another glue that will bond to rubber
Fuzzy white yarn, fleece, faux fur or felt for cuff, about 2" for each boot
#25687 Lycopoduim
#1336 Ivy/Holly Vine
Scrap of cardboard
Black marker
Metallic paint or marker (optional)

Glue felt/fleece to the top of each boot, leaving a small gap where the boots will touch.

Printout Printie and cut out two straps and color paper edges with black marker, if desired. Glue to boots (straps are longer than needed; shorten to fit). Make sure buckle position is the same for both boots.

When glue is set and cuff and straps are secure, glue the boots together and to a small piece of thin cardboard. Note: You may need to clip the boots together with a small clothespin or similar while the glue dries completely. (This may take longer than usual, as the rubber is not absorbent.)

Trim away the excess cardboard and color the edges with black marker.

Fill with sprigs of #25687 Lycopoduim and #1336 Ivy/Holly Vine as well as natural twigs with no-hole bead berries. For another look, try presents, candy canes or other holiday décor and enjoy!

Click here for a downloadable list and Printie.