Shutter Shelf

by Fran Casselman

Materials & Tools:
#81430 1/8" Quarter-Round Moulding
#1073 Fred’s Wood Weathering Stuff
#16073 Retractable Snap Knife
#600021 Self-Healing Cutting Mat
#17514 12-Pcs. of 1/8" x 5/8" Strip Wood Set or
large craft sticks

The shutter shelf replicates a real one used by an antiques-show vendor. The full-size one was hinged, and this could be, too, but here the shutters are glued to #81430 1/8" Quarter-Round Moulding instead. Make sure the shutters are all upright (slats sloping down). Decide where you want the shelves to be and use a craft knife on a cutting mat to cut those slats out of all four shutters. Next, paint or stain the shutters (#1073 Fred’s Wood Weathering Stuff used here). Cut two lengths of quarter-round the height of the shutters and glue a flat side to the right edge of two shutters. When set, glue the left edge of the remaining shutters to the other flat side of the quarter-round. To make shelves, use strip wood or large craft sticks that are the overall length of your shelf by a little less than 3/4" wide. Slide the shelves into the slots and you’re done. Add glue for best stability.