Stairs & Railing

Porch additions to a house are very popular, because they give a great deal of charm and character to a dollhouse. My first book, Porches Across America, featuring my Victorian porch, created a resurgence of interest in porches; and not just on houses, but also as room boxes. This book inspired the 1/12th and 1/24th scale porch kits. When it comes to porches, your only limitation is your own imagination.

How to Install the Porch Posts

Porch posts or veranda posts extend from the floor to the ceiling of the porch. Paint the porch or veranda posts. (See the Painting Section.)

How to Install the Porch Railings

The Porch Railing Sets have a curved top rail and a squared bottom rail grooved to accept spindles. Paint the porch railings. (See the Painting Section.)

How to Install the Spindles and Newel Posts

Spindles can be fancy turned or plain dowels. They are used for porch and stair railings. Newel posts are turned or plain posts, usually with a decorative knob on the top. They are used at the bottom and top of a stair railing, as well as on the porch in place of a porch post. Paint the spindles. (See the Painting Section.)


Stairway kits are adjustable to varying heights (floor to ceiling).