The Hukilau customer, Kate H., wanted to create a beach house and make it Hawaiian.  As a young girl she took hula lessons, soon after Hawaii became a state. She lived in a small town in South Dakota where there was a hula dancer teacher and many of her friends also took lessons and they performed through high school.

Kate’s Hukilau project took six months to complete, and she challenged herself to make almost everything.  Using the Get-A-Way Chalet Kit, she finished the exterior first, building the structure, and she changed out a few things like putting sliding doors on the front instead of using the crossbuck door.

The design style isn’t traditional Hawaiian.  But she’s always wanted to do an A-frame and the Get-A-Way Chalet kit lends itself to a beach house.  She approaches each dollhouse as if it were a real house and suddenly hers.  She thinks about how she would design, furnish and decorate it.

This is the first house she has built since she got her 3D printer, which she says is such a fun tool. She made some of the furniture with her printer from files online, revised some files to make other furniture and she also made many of the accessories. She thought making coral would be fun and she even found a file for it.  Many of the items were made from scratch or were repurposed.  For example, the hammocks were made from vegetable bags and the outdoor shower and roll-up shades were from sushi mats.  She made everything in The Hukilau except for two shells.


See more of Kate's beautiful work on her Instagram account, @davenport1_12construction.