Tiny Trees

by Fran Casselman

Materials & Tools:
Chenille stem in colors of choice, one will make many trees
Small sharp scissors
Wire cutters
Hemostat (preferred, but you can use needle-nose pliers, tweezers or a small, strong clamp)
White glue
Perler bead caps (or other small beads) as bases
Double-stick tape
Craft stick/popsicle stick or scrap of wood

Put a piece of double-stick tape on the craft stick and stick several Perler bead caps (or your choice of tree base) to it, at least 1/2" apart. Set aside.

With scissors, trim away the fibers from about 1/8"-3/16" of the chenille stem. Get as close to the stem as you can. This is the trunk; clamp it in the hemostat.

Cut the stem/wire for the tree height you want (about 1/2" is good; the taper will make it seem shorter). Trim away the fibers to achieve the tapered shape. Work all the way around, trying to keep it even.

When it looks the way you want it, put a drop of glue in a bead cap and plant your tree. Repeat. (A lot, they are addictive!)