Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

by Fran Casselman

Vintage Christmas
Tree Materials:
#10108 Two Douglas
Fir Trees
#22792 2-Pc. Large
Tapered Planter Set

Candle Materials:
large coated paper
Thread or fine cord
Color marker
Iridescent glitter
Utility scissors
White glue

Lantern Materials:
Bendable plastic
Black fun foam
Very fine wire
Utility scissors
White glue

Pull the straight section* of a white coated paper clip away from the clip and, using utility scissors, cut completely through the coating (but not the wire) before the bend. Twist the coating in your fingers and it should slide off. Cut to length for candles. For flames, fill the opening with a twist of threads or fine cord. Tint with marker and add a tiny bit of iridescent glitter. Use a sequin and bead for a candle cup and base.

*Use only the straight sections; the coating has a memory. For many candles, straighten the whole clip and remove the coating in sections.

Stretch out the straw and decide how many ribs your lantern will have. Paint as desired and allow to dry. Punch 3/16” discs from 3mm black fun foam. Cut the ribbed straw section with small, sharp scissors. Glue a fun foam disc to each end. When dry, push a very fine wire through the disc at one end to make a hanger, or use a needle to sew a thread through. Touch up paint if needed.

Print this printie on good quality thin paper at the highest resolution on your printer.

Cut a straight line that connects the black underlines between the ornaments, and cut the ornaments apart at the short vertical lines.

The ornaments are designed to be double-sided, but you may cut them separately to get more ornaments. For double-sided ornaments, carefully fold exactly on the vertical line between the two images and glue together. Use a dry adhesive, such as a glue runner, if possible. For white glue or a glue stick, be sure here are no lumps and the glue is completely dry before cutting. (If you want the St. Nicholas to be a tree topper, glue around the top and side edges only.)

Once dry, cut out the ornaments with small, sharp scissors. Work from the side you prefer to see since the match may not be absolutely perfect.

For the house, cut away the tiny white slits in the roof before any other cuts. Once the pieces are cut out, fold the corners and tab of the house body and glue together with white glue. When dry, fold the roof in half and fit the slots over the tabs on the house. Apply a little white glue from the inside to hold the roof secure. Square it up and allow to dry.

The paper ornaments are nestled into the tree and held with rubber cement. If you want them to hang, glue a thread loop to the back or use a needle to pull a thread through and tie on. Use a toothpick to open the bottom of the St. Nicholas and slip over the tip of the tree.

Click here for a downloadable list.