Tips & Techniques Phase

Need a little help or looking for something new to try? Click on the list of techniques and tips below for some great ideas. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned miniaturist, there's always something new to learn in the world of miniatures.

Crafter Tips from Fran
Helpful crafting tips from our former resident miniaturist Fran Casselman.

Cutting Cast Resin
Cutting cast resin is a little tricky. Use this tip to make it easier.

Darrell’s Electrification Guide: Tape Wiring and More
Darrell Payne's ultimate guide in tape wiring your dollhouse.

Dollhouse Wiring Quick Guide
Real Good Toys presents a guide to wiring your dollhouse.

Faux Brick Fireplace
Create a faux brick look for an unfinished fireplace.

Faux Candles for Lights
Learn to alter modern lights to look like candles.

Finishing and Electrifying The Matchless Miniatures Lighting Collection
Learn to finishing and electrify The Matchless Miniatures Lighting Collection.

Glue Chart
Suggested glues for gluing task/applications for your minis.

Hybrid Wiring
Instructional guide by Christine Errico in combining Round Wire with Tape Wire.

Kitchen Collection Cabinet Door Assembly
Pictorial assemble instructions or attaching doors to the Kitchen Collection Cabinets.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
LEDs open up all sorts of possibilities for small-scale lighting, so get ready to brighten your miniature world!

Create the look of real marble with these instructions.

Perfect Window Trim
Install your window and door trim with perfect miter joints.

Replacing a Bi-Pin Miniature Light Bulb
Instructional guide by Fran Casselman to replace a Bi-Pin Miniature Light Bulb.

Steel Wool & Vinegar Stain
Make your own stain to give wood an aged look.

Snow & Frost
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Stucco Finish
Give the outside of you dollhouse a stucoo finish with these instructions

Tile Application
Use these easy to follow instruction on how to lay tiles.

Using heat-shrink insulation tubing
An easy way to finish and insulate an electrical connections

Weathered Wood
Learn how to give unfinished wood an aged look.

Don't see what your looking for? Check out our hobby hints for hints from fellow miniaturist like you. Have a good tip or technique to share? Send us an email, and we will add it to our Hobby Hints page.